Question: What is second prescription in homeopathy?

How can I stop homeopathic aggravation?

The most appropriate remedy suitable to the patient is called similimum. When such a similimum is given to the patient, at times a temporary intensification of the symptoms may occur to the patient. This aggravation shall be mild and usually last only for a short period.

What is intercurrent remedy in homeopathy?

5. Intercurrent Prescription. Intercurrent prescriptions are the remedies given during the course of homoeopathic treatment for some chronic diseases for the purpose of removing any acute diseases & accelerating the mode of cure or removing any hindrances called miasmatic blocks.

What is simple substance in Homoeopathy?

Simple substances possess the power of occupying the material substance without causing any damage either to itself or the body into which it occupies. When the simple substance is active, it dominates and controls the body it occupies. “The material body does not move, think or act unless it has simple substance.

What is Hering’s Law of Cure?

Hering’s law of cure in homeopathy7 helps assess clinical outcomes by stipulating that during a curative response to a constitutional remedy,5,8 “vital force”5 responds by eliciting a distinct and consistent pattern9,10 in which the symptoms improve from above downward, from within outward, from most important to least …

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What is medicinal aggravation in homeopathy?

A homeopathic aggravation occurs when the original symptoms of the patient increase temporarily at the beginning of treatment. This is a sign that the remedy is correct but that the potency was too high, or the dose too large or repeated too frequently.

What is Homoeopathic aggravation?

Background: Homeopathic aggravation is a temporary worsening of existing symptoms following the administration of a correct homeopathic prescription.

How do you select constitutional remedies?

To select such a constitutional remedy, knowledge about the constitution is necessary. Constitution is defined as the structure, composition, physical make up or nature of a person, comprising inherited qualities and modified by the environment.

What are the cardinal principles of homeopathy?

Cardinal Principals

  • Law of Similia.
  • Law of Simplex.
  • Law of Minimum.
  • Doctrine of Drug Proving.
  • Theory of Chronic Diseases.
  • Theory of Vital Force.
  • Doctrine of Drug Dynamisation.

How long does it take homeopathic remedies to work?

Homeopathic medicines take a long time to work. The effect of a homeopathic medicine may be rapid (minutes to hours), or 1 or more days may be needed for its full effect.

What is idealism according to Stuart Close?

Idealism. – “That system of reflective thinking which would interpret and explain the whole universe, things and minds and their relations, as the realization of a system of ideas.

What is psora Miasm?

Scabies, also called psora at that time, was a very common disease responsible for the chronicisation of disabling skin pathologies. Samuel Hahnemann repeatedly noticed a deterioration in many patients with this disease, in spite of sometimes effective external treatments.

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What is the meaning of simpler substance?

a homogeneous substance composed of the atoms of a chemical element; the form of a chemical element existing in a free state. The simple substances diamond, graphite, and coal, for example, are composed of atoms of the element carbon but differ in their structures and properties.

What is highest ideal of cure?

‘The highest ideal of cure’, Hahnemann adds, ‘is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles’ (§2).

What is palliation in homeopathy?

Palliation In Homoeopathy. Palliation is the temporary relief of symptoms without curing the patient. The patient is too diseased to be cure viz. lots of advance pathological changes have taken placed hence the approach has to be relief of symptoms without curing.

What is a Healing Crisis?

A healing crisis is a temporary worsening of symptoms after beginning a CAM treatment. You may also see it called a homeopathic aggravation, a detox reaction, or a cleansing reaction. In a healing crisis, symptoms briefly worsen before beginning to improve.