Should I see a doctor or chiropractor for wrist pain?

When sharp pain and stress worsen, ice and pain relievers are no longer an option—it is time to see a chiropractor for that wrist injury.

Can chiropractors help with wrist pain?

A hand and wrist chiropractor can help figure out where the pain is coming from and decrease hand pain considerably. However, it largely depends on the diagnosis. If the pain is associated with pinched nerves in the spine, your chiropractor can help in realigning the same.

What doctor do I go to if my wrist hurts?

Although you may initially consult your family physician, he or she may refer you to a doctor who specializes in joint disorders (rheumatologist), sports medicine or even an orthopedic surgeon.

When should I see a doctor for wrist pain?

When to see a doctor

Not all wrist pain requires medical care. Minor sprains and strains usually respond to ice, rest and over-the-counter pain medications. But if pain and swelling last longer than a few days or become worse, see your doctor.

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How is wrist pain diagnosed?

Diagnosing the cause of wrist pain

bend your wrist forward for 60 seconds to see if numbness or tingling develops. tap the area over the median nerve to see if pain occurs. test the strength of your wrist and fingers. order X-rays of your wrist to evaluate the bones and joints.

How do I get rid of wrist pain?

For a recent injury:

  1. Rest your wrist. Keep it elevated above the heart level.
  2. Apply an ice pack to the tender and swollen area. Wrap the ice in cloth. …
  3. Take over-the-counter pain medicines, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. …
  4. Ask your health care provider if it’s OK to wear a splint for several days.

How do I know if my wrist injury is serious?

A broken wrist might cause these signs and symptoms:

  1. Severe pain that might worsen when gripping or squeezing or moving your hand or wrist.
  2. Swelling.
  3. Tenderness.
  4. Bruising.
  5. Obvious deformity, such as a bent wrist.

What is the home remedy for wrist pain?

The following home remedies can help relieve wrist pain:

  • rest the affected hand and wrist for at least 2 weeks.
  • use of anti-vibration products with vibrating tools.
  • wear a wrist splint or brace to rest the median nerve.
  • do gentle stretching exercises for the hands, fingers, and wrists.

What does tendonitis feel like in the wrist?

Symptoms of wrist tendinitis may include: Difficulty performing certain movements, such as opening jars or turning doorknobs, or lifting pets, babies or small children. Stiffness, “catching” or a popping sensation when moving your wrist or fingers. Swelling around your wrist or the bases of your fingers.

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What does arthritis feel like in wrist?

The pain may be sharp, depending on the motion, says Dr. Eyanson. Or it may be dull and deep if it’s an inflammatory type of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis. The other main symptom of wrist arthritis is a change in your grip strength, such as an inability to open jars, use keys, or turn doorknobs.

How can I check myself for carpal tunnel?

You hold your arms out in front of you and then flex your wrists, letting your hands hang down for about 60 seconds. If you feel tingling, numbness, or pain in the fingers within 60 seconds, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome.

How long does it take for a strained wrist to heal?

Your wrist hurts because you have stretched or torn ligaments, which connect the bones in your wrist. Wrist sprains usually take from 2 to 10 weeks to heal, but some take longer. Usually, the more pain you have, the more severe your wrist sprain is and the longer it will take to heal.

What is ulnar sided wrist pain?

Overview. Ulnar wrist pain is pain on the side of your wrist opposite the thumb. This pain can vary, depending on the cause. It may worsen when you grip something or twist your wrist. Ulnar wrist pain can be hard to diagnose because it can be linked to many different types of injuries.

How do I know if I have carpal tunnel or tendonitis?

Symptoms of tendonitis are caused by inflammation of a tendon or tendons. The location of the pain can help you to determine which condition you may be experiencing. Carpal tunnel syndrome presents as pain on the palm side of the wrist, numbness in the thumb, index and middle fingers is possible, and, tingling.

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