Is Theragun really worth it?

Theragun offers high quality devices that are easy to use and provide a powerful massage. However, Theragun percussive therapy devices are expensive, and many not be worth the cost for infrequent users.

Does Theragun actually do anything?

The machine may help improve range of motion and decrease muscle soreness following a workout. However, the Theragun may not be safe or beneficial for everyone. A person with an injury or pain should speak with their doctor before using the device.

Are those massage guns worth it?

“Massage guns are best for reducing the tightness and irritating knots that sometimes form in your muscles after exercise, especially if you exercise frequently or your workouts are intense,” says Dr. Hedt.

Do professional athletes use Theragun?

The tool has increasingly been used by (and found effective for) everyone – from professional athletes to weekend warriors and everyone in between. Like many great products and inventions, the Theragun was created by Dr. Jason, a chiropractor by profession, after he suffered a personal injury.

What’s better than a Theragun?

Percussions and Speeds

Hypervolts have better intensity compared to Theraguns. But that’s because Hypervolts are more vibrational than percussive – they provide more frequent punches but less punch. They all have a percussion range of 2000-3200rpm. Theraguns’ range is 1750-2400rpm.

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Does Theragun break up cellulite?

Yes. When used properly, Theragun works very well for cellulite reduction. Percussion massage guns saturate muscles with intense pulses. This action improves blood circulation, which encourages cellulite to break down.

Does Theragun work on knots?

Fortunately, there’s a quick remedy within reach; Theragun. This deep-muscle massage gun uses quick, permeating Percussive Therapy to target your trigger points, increase blood flow, and alleviate those agonizing knots.

Do massage guns burn fat?

The correct answer is that a massage gun doesn’t break down fat cells, but accelerates the whole fat breakdown process and helps in getting rid of sagging skin due to weight loss. No matter how effective a massage gun is, you still have to do the work if you want good results.

Do massage guns get rid of knots?

A massage gun repeatedly loosens the knots, improving blood supply and decreasing inflammation and tension in joints and muscles. Improved blood circulation means more blood and oxygen for the affected muscle parts, relaxing them and breaking up the troubling muscles’ knots.

Does Theragun break up fascia?

A: A foam roller and a Theragun are both treatment modalities based on the principles of myofascial release. Both target muscles and fascia with the intent of relieving pain and soreness as well as decreasing tightness and increasing flexibility.

Can Theragun break up scar tissue?

Our deep tissue massage, Theragun and Combination Therapy are all designed to effectively break down scar tissue. As a result, you will find this helps to reduce your pain, improve your range of movement and flexibility and quicken your recovery.

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What massage gun do NBA players use?

The NBA has officially signed Hyperice as their Official Recovery Technology Partner. The Hyperice Hypervolt Massagers will be placed under players’ seats.

Is there a better massage gun than Theragun?

YUNMAI Massage Gun

Another powerful alternative to Theragun is this massager from YUNMAI. Slim and elegantly-designed, the massage gun boasts five speeds and two different settings: one for relaxing (say, after work), and one for recovery and fitness (great for after a workout or run).

How much Theragun is too much?

FAQ. Depending on the desired result, we recommend using your Theragun for a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes per muscle group. A full-body session should not exceed 15 minutes. Treat yourself 2-3 times per day.

Which is the best massage gun in Australia?

Best Massage Guns In Australia

  • Best Overall. Therabody, Theragun Pro G4. …
  • Great Value-For-Money. Theragun Prime. …
  • Hyperice, Hypervolt Plus. Amplitude / Stall Force : 13mm / Around 60lbs. …
  • Best Low-Noise Massage Gun. …
  • Best Budget Alternative. …
  • Healsage Massage Gun Pro. …
  • Best Portable Massage Gun. …
  • Solbasium, S2 Massage Gun.