How long is physiotherapy in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, entry-level physiotherapy education is a 5-year Bachelor of Physiotherapy programme. Only seven universities presently run entry-level physiotherapy programmes, and four of them also have postgraduate (Advanced Masters and Doctor of Philosophy) physiotherapy courses.

How many years do you study physiotherapy?

The duration of the Physiotherapy degree programme is normally four years. Students who by the middle of the first year have not met certain performance requirements are required to transfer to an Intervention Programme of one year, after which they return to the standard programme.

How long is DPT in Nigeria?

NUC changes ‘Bachelor of Physiotherapy’ to ‘Doctor of Physiotherapy’ The National Universities Commission (NUC) has introduced changes in the programme and curriculum of Bachelor of Physiotherapy/Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation, which was a five year programme to Doctor of Physiotherapy, now a six year programme.

How much does physiotherapy cost in Nigeria?

A: Initial consultation and assessment will cost 13,000 naira and will take about an hour. This includes consultation fee and will involve taking your medical history, physical assessment, formulation of treatment plan with you actively involved and the initial treat.

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How do I become a physiotherapist in Nigeria?

An individual aspiring to become a Physiotherapist will have to pursue a course of study in a University. Currently, the minimum entry level program in Nigeria is Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) , Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B. Physiotherapy) or Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation (BMR).

How much do physiotherapists earn monthly?

A Physiotherapist with less than two years of experience makes approximately 33,600 ZAR per month. While someone with an experience level between two and five years is expected to earn 45,100 ZAR per month, 34% more than someone with less than two year’s experience.

Is physiotherapy hard to study?

Physiotherapy is not very difficult to study. But one needs to understand the subjects/topics well. If your basics are clear (like in any other subject) you can just apply your knowledge and get the answers. As per my belief, first two years are very important to build your foundation.

Can a physiotherapist become a Doctor in Nigeria?

Students of physiotherapy are now to do six years instead of five including an additional year for clinical leading to award of Doctor of Physiotherapy, the National Universities Commission (NUC) has said.

How many years is Physiotherapy in Uniben?

Physiotherapy in UNIBEN is a 4 years course.

Is Physiotherapy a good career in Nigeria?

The profession of physiotherapy is held in high esteem and is seen as a desirable career choice among Nigerian high school students.

How long is unilag Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy, a four (4) years programme.

How long is unilorin Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy in UNILORIN is a 4 years course.

Where can a physiotherapist work in Nigeria?


  • Teaching hospitals.
  • Specialist Hospitals such as the National Orthopaedic Hospitals, etc.
  • General Hospitals across the nation.
  • Psychiatric Hospitals.
  • Private Hospitals.
  • Private Physiotherapy Clinics nationwide (See Online Directory Listing)
  • Research Centers.
  • Sport Medicine Centers nationwide.
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How much does a physiotherapist earn in?

Find out what the average Physiotherapist salary is

The average physiotherapist salary in South Africa is R 756 000 per year or R 388 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 384 000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R 4 860 000 per year.

Are Physiotherapists in demand?

0.4 There is growing demand for physiotherapy due to; post Covid rehab needs, an aging and longer working population, population growth, growing numbers of people with multiple long-term conditions and increased survival rates following stroke, trauma and cancer.

Is physiotherapy medical treatment?

Physiotherapy is a degree-based healthcare profession. Physios use their knowledge and skills to improve a range of conditions associated with different systems of the body, such as: Neurological (stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s)