Are massage therapists regulated?

The regulation of massage therapy is done on a state-by-state basis. Currently, 49 states and territories regulate the massage therapy profession in some form to ensure that safe and competent practitioners are the only legal massage therapy professionals practicing on the public.

Is massage therapy regulated in the UK?

Massage therapists manipulate the muscles and soft tissues in the body in order to relieve stress and pain. They are not regulated by law in the UK, however they can be registered with a PSA Accredited Register which ensures they adhere to good standards of practice.

Is massage regulated in Canada?

Massage therapy is regulated in five Canadian provinces: BC, Ontario, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island (PEI).

Is massage therapy regulated in Australia?

Massage therapy is currently self-regulated in Australia. There is no Statute or Act that applies solely or specifically to the practise of massage.

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Is sports massage regulated by law in the UK?

Sports Therapy is currently unregulated in the UK, and although certain membersdhip organisations formerly applied to The Health Professions Council (HPC) for ‘protected title’ and a minimum of University Undergraduate Level to practise, HPC will not been considering Sports Therapy for state regulation in the …

Do I need a licence to massage in UK?

Under the London Local Authorities Act 1991 all premises (commercial or private address) offering special treatments must have a massage and special treatment licence.

How do I become a qualified massage therapist UK?

To become a massage therapist you’ll usually need to complete a qualification lasting around six months, depending on how frequently you attend classes. Types of massage therapy certification include the ITEC (Level 3 RQF) Diploma in a range of different massage styles, which you can see above.

Is massage therapy regulated in the Yukon?

While massage therapy is not regulated in the NWT, members of the NWTMTA are required to provide proof of membership with a provincial massage therapy association requiring a minimum of 2200 hours of training and successful completion of a competency exam, or proof of registration with a regulatory College of Massage …

Why is massage not regulated in Alberta?

While it’s standard to use the title of registered massage therapist, Alberta has no such classification for massage therapists. The “registered” title is protected under the province’s Health Professions Act and can only be used by members of a regulated body like the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Who regulates massage therapy in Ontario?

Health regulatory colleges operate at arm’s length from the provincial government and independently administer their own internal processes. Under the RHPA and the Massage Therapy Act, 1991, the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) is responsible for governing the profession of massage therapists in Ontario.

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Do you need to be certified to give massages in Australia?

To work as a massage therapist in Australia, the minimum requirement you need to have completed is a course that’s recognised by an association (such as our Certificate in Whole Body Massage Weekend Course), then join the association that recognises the course you’ve done.

How do I become a registered massage therapist in Australia?

To work in Australia as a Massage Therapist you require a Certificate IV or a Diploma in Massage Therapy Practice, plus join an approved industry association. The qualifications take between 1-2 years to complete, including supervised clinic hours under a qualified massage therapist.

Do you have to be qualified to give massages?

Most massage courses in London will provide you with some qualification at the end of the course. However, not all qualifications are the same. Look for a school that provides an accredited qualification such as an ITEC qualification, as it is internationally recognised and will broaden your career opportunities.

How much do massage therapists make UK?

How much does a Massage therapist make in United Kingdom? The average massage therapist salary in the United Kingdom is £25,000 per year or £12.82 per hour. Entry level positions start at £20,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to £58,500 per year.

How much does a self-employed massage therapist make UK?

As a self-employed medical massage therapist, you can expect to command between £30 and £50 per hour, therefore making a salary of £48,000 per year highly achievable, minus any tax or overheads.

What is a Level 3 massage therapist?

The Level 3 Diploma in Body Massage (ITEC) course is designed to provide training for giving safe massage treatments that are both commercially acceptable and performed in accordance with legislation and establishment rules.

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